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Search Engine Optimization

We will help you gain organic traffic that can be converted into sales. No website design is complete without proper SEO. TSS offers professional SEO services for businesses looking to boost their online presence. Our specialists work with you to optimize your website for maximum search engine visibility. This allows businesses to convert increased traffic […]

Desktop Application Development

TSS designs effective web based solutions for business environments. We help companies automate desktop management from simple system configurations to complex software deployment. We offer customized and high quality software development solutions that allow businesses to streamline management aspects and therefore focus more on core competencies. Our services include: Cutting edge software tools that give businesses […]

Web Application Development

We design websites and web applications according to your exact requirements, thereby saving you time and money. TSS develops web applications that will help you achieve your goals. Our web application development team allows businesses to easily update images, texts and links to documents without having to edit the actual pages themselves. We can integrate […]

Why Your Website Needs to Go Mobile

Every website needs a mobile home now! The world has long become portable, everything seems to be on the go, and multi tasking is no longer a quality, it is the need of the hour. Another need is to offer accessibility to your website’s products and services to your customers, no matter where they are. […]

Integrating with Social Networking Sites

The primary focus of any website is to generate traffic. In order to do so, you need to be where the traffic is, and undoubtedly in today’s times, the web traffic is at the social networking sites. Social networking is as important to the success of a website today as networking is to the success […]

Ways to Generate Free Traffic for Your Website

The World Wide Web is definitely here to stay. It is the ultimate portal for entertainment, education and business. Huge corporations and small businesses alike use the power of the internet to market and sell their products and services. The good news is that marketing or promoting your business or website via the internet is […]

Support and Maintenance

A website that isn’t updated regularly will eventually lose traffic. Like other companies, our website design services do not end at development. TSS provides reliable maintenance and support services after your applications are delivered and running. Customers and businesses depend on us to provide regular: Website Updates Troubleshooting Software Product Support and Maintenance TSS understands your company’s […]

Mobile Application Development

Launch iPod, Android and iPhone Apps to Increase Sales Technical skills are crucial for app development but the process also requires expertise in user interface. Our mobile application development services aim to make mobile app usage more approachable and cost effective for businesses. Years of successful mobile application projects under our belt has made our […]

Tech Services Studio

We at TSS are a Customized Desktop Development, Mobile Application Development and Website Design service provider. we are a small focus group of web application specialists who specialize in providing sound IT solutions to businesses operating within the real estate industry and developing content management systems for other companies. Whether you need a tailored website design for […]